panthr at VivaTech 2024 – a remarkable experience

panthr at VivaTech 2024 – a remarkable experience

Mai 28, 2024

The biggest tech trade fair in Europe and we were allowed to be there. Thanks to the DE:Hub initiative, the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and the great tech incubator Zollhof for making this possible.

panthr at VivaTech 2024 – a remarkable experience

VivaTech 2024, held from May 22nd to 25th in the vibrant city of Paris, France, stood out as Europe’s premier event for technology and startups. This annual gathering is renowned for its focus on innovation and digital transformation, drawing businesses, startups, investors, researchers, and tech enthusiasts from around the globe. We were thrilled to be part of this massive event, which attracted a staggering 165,000 visitors this year. Not only did we have the opportunity to explore groundbreaking technologies, but we also had a booth on the French-German Tech Lab and got to pitch on stage, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Experiencing Innovation and Digital Transformation:

The atmosphere at VivaTech 2024 was truly exceptional. It was a great privilege to experience up close where the journey of technological development is heading. From new gadgets to digital solutions, the event showcased a range of innovations with great potential. And, of course, we hope to help shape the future of modern medicine with our product.

Our own Pitch and Presentation:

One of the highlights of our visit was the opportunity to pitch panthr and our innovative solution on stage. Presenting to such a large and diverse audience was exhilarating. The positive feedback and interest we received affirmed our belief in the potential of our wearable technology to fight cancer and improve the lives of cancer patients. This experience reinforced our commitment to making a significant impact through our work.


  • Innovative Startups: VivaTech 2024 featured a multitude of startups pushing the boundaries of technology. We were particularly impressed by the creativity and ambition displayed by fellow innovators, many of whom are working on solutions that could reshape the world as we know it. And of course, we hope that we will also play our part.
  • Tech Demos: The exhibition halls were filled with fascinating demonstrations of new gadgets and prototypes. One of the standout moments was witnessing live demonstrations of AI-driven applications and next-gen robotics, which provided a glimpse into the future of smart technology.
  • Panel Discussions and Talks: Attending various panels and keynote sessions was both enlightening and inspiring. Discussions ranged from the ethical implications of AI to the future of digital healthcare, offering deep insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the tech world.

Networking and Connections: VivaTech provided unparalleled networking opportunities. We had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with industry leaders, potential partners, and fellow innovators. These interactions have opened up new avenues for collaboration and growth, and we are excited about the prospects they bring for us.

Conclusion: VivaTech 2024 was an incredible journey into the heart of innovation. From presenting our Smart Tex Wearable to exploring the latest technological advancements, our time in Paris was both productive and inspiring. Events like VivaTech are crucial for fostering innovation and driving the digital transformation that will shape our future. We look forward to participating in future editions and continuing our journey of innovation and growth.